Moving Essentials

Moving Essentials
I just saw a great post from Joy the Baker about prepping for her big move to New Orleans (which I have to say I’m a tad jealous – beignets ALL THE TIME??? Pure awesomeness.), and it prompted me to want to make a post about my move. My move is far from cross-country. It’s just a hop skip and a jump from where I currently am, but really any move is a big move..or a small move I suppose, depending on your perspective. Anyway, I was inspired by Joy’s Overnight Box and Morning After Box. These are super important – the very first box you open and the box that gets you through unpacking all the other boxes. This move coincides with my VERY LAST DAY OF GRAD SCHOOL. So needless to say, chaos will be had by all.I have combined the Overnight Box & Morning After Box into one Bare Essentials Box since I am hoping to be done unpacking boxes within the first 24 hours. Wishful thinking I know, but I always think it’s better to be positive.

Bare Essentials Box

-cleaning supplies (antibacterial wipes, windex, swiffer wet/dry mops, etc…) [yes I know a cleaning crew will have already cleaned, but my OCD side says this is important]
-phone chargers, laptop chargers, laptops [and yes, I will actually unpack and not get distracted by House of Cards or at least that’s what I’m telling myself]
-toilet paper & paper towels [because duh]
-bottle of wine & wine glasses [to christen our new home]
-blanket for indoor picnic on the ground since we won’t have a table yet [this will likely consist of whole foods takeout & disposable utensils/plates, but it will be awesome nonetheless]
-cat food, kitty toys, & litterbox to keep the fur babies content
-candles, matches, & lightbulbs [scented candles make everything better & lightbulbs are simply an essential because no one likes to sit in the dark]
-a bag of potato chips [taking a cue from the Ninja Turtles clearly, but why not? Snacks!]
-scissors & tools to assemble things [because we have things to be assembled]
-first piece of artwork for the living room [to be pictured later]
-and of course a sensible unpacking sweatshirt to change into because the moving sweatshirt is now dirty

I think that’s it for the bare essentials of the first box. What are some of your essentials for moving?

Recipes & more will be coming again in the near future now that I have finally reached the end of grad school. Also, coming soon, updates on the new place 🙂 Oh and in other big news, aside from moving, I got engaged! Details on that to follow too.

Cheers to the weekend!