sunday brunch outfit

sunday brunch outfit
Spring is fast approaching, which means it is time once again for those Sunday Brunches, sitting out on a patio, sipping orange juice (or mimosas), and enjoying that special catch-up hour that is brunch.

Still on a Polyvore Kick

Out & About

Not much to say except another outfit I would love to have – the D&G blouse isn’t usually my style but I don’t know, there’s something about it that makes me want to wear it. The Balenciaga bag is one I’ve been wanting for a while, except I want one in every color. Another pair of Louboutins I want, Helmut. They’re classy and elegant and just plain lovely. I want. The Victoria Beckham items seem to be harder to come by these days, but I’ve developed an interest in her sunglasses collection. Cat eye is always my choice. And of course, cannot forget one of my favorite accessories, nail polish. OPI “No Room For The Blues”.

I promise to return to recipes and baked goods shortly. Besides, I imagine my polyvore interest will wear out soon enough.

TGIF! Post-work this evening will be filled with movies (suggestions? though first I will be watching Community since I missed its return last night), food, the start of green baked goods!, and eventually cleaning my wardrobe. Happy Start of the Weekend!




Birthday Wish Outfit #2

Birthday Wish Outfit #2
I was looking for the specific rose gold Michael Kors watch I have, but this was as close as I could find. Mine is much more feminine and pretty I would have to say.
The makeup in the corner is just a few of my typical choices. I recently picked up the Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Raspberry and have been loving it – not quite hot pink, not quite red. It’s fabulous.
Anyway, the wish items in this collection…
The G-Star 3301 skinny jeans – saw them at the mall a few months back and boyfriend almost bought them for me. But I talked him out of it for quite a few reasons…none of which I can remember anymore. I suppose I really need to go through my current wardrobe and donate/toss a few items before I should add more…especially in the jeans department. On my To-Do list.
Next up on my Want List:
The Sleeveless Lace Inset Blouse from Topshop. It’s cream and it’s a blouse. Enough said. Plus it has lace and a bow. I’ve really been enjoying overly feminine tops as of late.
Onto the main WANT of this collection…the shoes!
Christian Louboutin Patent Leather 120mm Pigalle in fluorescent hot pink.
The color I really want these in is a bright teal, but I was unable to find them…*tear*…they might not be available anymore. I find the Pigalle to be a wonderful all occasion shoe and would love to have a pair in nude, black, hot pink, bright yellow, bright teal, etc… essentially any color available.
Fingers crossed for these shoes to still be available at the end of next summer. I just made the decision (yes literally as I was typing this) that I shall buy myself a pair of Pigalle as a graduation gift next August when I finish grad school.
Alright, must return to work and be productive (read: get off polyvore/wordpress/pinterest).
Happy Thursday!

Birthday Wish Outfit #1

Birthday Wish Outfit #1
My birthday is coming up soon, so this is a collection of items I would absolutely adore to have for a lovely birthday dinner. Wish items if you will.
I have been obsessing over these Louboutin Open Lips 120 Snakeskin Pumps for about a year now, unfortunately they have been sold out everywhere since I discovered them. I’ve also been obsessing over this Elizabeth and James Kimono Dress since I discovered it a few months back. But I just can’t seem to justify purchasing it for myself without an actual occasion for which to wear it to; my birthday doesn’t really count as such an occasion since it will be celebrated at home with a cake, good dinner, and a good bottle of wine, as is my tradition.
Perhaps an occasion will arise shortly that will warrant such a purchase!
More birthday wish outfits are likely to follow, so be on the lookout!