Sunday Brunch feat. Warby Parker

Anyone who knows me or has followed my Instagram knows that I love a good Sunday brunch. Despite the fact that I don’t like eggs, it is still the highlight of my week to venture out with J in search of a fantastic Sunday Brunch and whatever adventures follow after that. Yes, I know, how do I like brunch and not like eggs? One word: waffles. Oh wait, and a few more words: corned beef hash. My favorite items on any brunch menu hands down.

With spring and summer weather right around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect pair of sunnies to accompany all those fun Sunday Brunch outfits! Warby Parker has a great new Spring Collection for 2014 that features all kinds of fun frames & colors. They also have this exciting new feature called Home Try-On where you can select five of your favorite frames to be sent to you for five days, giving you a chance to experiment and play with the different frames before deciding on a pair. Free shipping, just a $1.00 collateral charge. I’m super indecisive about sunglasses so this was right up my alley.

I received my box of five frames last week – I chose two from the Spring 2014 Collection and three from their Women’s Sunglasses Collection and paired them with some of my favorite Sunday brunch outfits.

Winston - Old Fashioned Fade

Casual brunch (@ Denica’s in Walnut Creek) with the fiancé followed by errand running.
Gap Shorts, Lace Vintage Tee, Echo Silk Scarf, Juicy Couture Necklace, Anne Klein Watch, Warby Parker Winston Sunnies in Old Fashioned Fade


Thatcher - GreystoneBrunch with the bestie to discuss everything under the sun (@ Va de Vi in Walnut Creek)
Empyre Skinny Jeans, Loft Striped Blouse, Boutique 9 Heels, Juicy Couture Necklace, Warby Parker Thatcher Sunnies in Greystone


Neville - Redwood AshCatching Up with College Girlfriends (@ Chop Bar in Oakland)
Superdry Flannel, Forever 21 Bodycon Skirt, Vintage Necklace, Chinese Laundry Flats in Brown (not pictured), Warby Parker Neville Sunnies in Redwood Ash


Reilly - Marzipan TortoiseLazy Day Brunch (@ Zachary’s in Santa Cruz) with J followed by beach lounging
Forever 21 Cat Blouse, Old Navy Shorts, Forever 21 Bikini, Havaiana Sandals, Warby Parker Reilly Sunnies in Marzipan Tortoise

Lowry - Green CitrineCoffee & Pastries (@ Starbucks, but during the brunch hour) with my mom & sister
Empyre Skinny Jeans, Juicy Couture Chiffon Tank, Juicy Couture Necklace, Vintage Scarf, G by Guess Sandals, Warby Parker Lowry Sunnies in Green Citrine

I really loved all the frames but my absolute favorites were the Thatcher in Greystone. I never take selfies but I was really enjoying the look of the Thatcher frame with this outfit so I figured one selfie was acceptable. Needless to say, I will be ordering myself a pair of these frames ASAP.
Selfie - GreystoneTheory Blazer, Empyre Skinny Jeans, Lucky Brand Vintage Tee, Echo Silk Scarf, Juicy Couture Necklace, Forever 21 Heels, & Warby Parker Thatcher Sunnies in Greystone

What do you think of the new Warby Parker Spring ’14 collection of frames? I love that there seems to be something for everyone. I was on my way to ship the frames back and both my sister and mom stopped to try on the frames and both found a pair

Also, who has Bay Area brunch recommendations?! I’m always on the lookout for new places to try!

Editor’s Note: Warby Parker invited me to style their frames with some of my favorite spring/summer outfits, but this is not a sponsored post.


sunday brunch outfit

sunday brunch outfit
Spring is fast approaching, which means it is time once again for those Sunday Brunches, sitting out on a patio, sipping orange juice (or mimosas), and enjoying that special catch-up hour that is brunch.

Cookies & Stripes…oh & Orange!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not but I really love October. I know, you had no idea – it’s not like I post about my love for October on here all the time or tweet about it every day :]

Anyway, a few weekends ago I tested out what might be one of the ultimate Autumn cookies. It combines all my favorite Autumn time flavors – pumpkin, chai, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spices, etc. AND it includes candy. So really, how can this not be the ultimate Autumn cookie? I sadly didn’t take any photos, but here’s a photo from the website (Pass the Sushi) where I borrowed the recipe.

Chai Pumpkin Spice Thumbprint Cookies


Be sure to test out this recipe – but I warn you, you have to get the timing just right when putting the pumpkin spice kisses on or they end up melting or won’t stick. Also, for the chai concentrate, I just picked up a box of Tazo Chai Concentrate from Target (1/4 cup for the recipe and the rest for me for drinking!) It’s only $3.49 at Target, though you can also probably pick it up at your local Starbucks – I saw the concentrate available at the store near me recently. I recommend getting this at Target though because that’s also your best bet for finding the Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses. I went on an intense search hunt for these and had to go to three different stores before finding them – Target, of course, was the third store I visited and were the ones that had them.

Anyway yes, make these, eat them all, and enjoy the wonderful combination of Autumn flavors.

Note: The consistency of the cookie was much more like Pumpkin Bread, which was kind of bad because I didn’t feel as though I was eating a cookie, which may or may not have resulted in me eating 5 cookies at a time. Don’t judge me!

On a different note…oh look – an outfit of the day post tacked onto the end here. Why? Well why not?

And why yes, that is a bright orange ribbon in my hair. Unfortunately you cannot see the plastic black spider that’s sitting in the middle of the bow. And why yes, I am in fact hiding my face behind my phone. But really it’s only so you can see the adorable Halloween stickers I have on the back of my phone! One is an orange jack-o-lantern cat face and the other is a black cat. I like cats. Have I mentioned I also like Halloween?

Shirt: Aeropostale (see similar)
Pleated Skirt: H&M (see similar)
Flats: Michelle D (see similar)
Watch: Michael Kors (see similar)

Happy October!




Burgundy Love

It seems we are still on the border that separates Summer and Autumn. So knowing that, despite the fact that this morning was 55 degrees, I dressed in shorts. Prepping for the 80 – 90 degree afternoon that I knew would be waiting later in the day. I see these days as an opportunity to dress for Autumn with a nod to Summer.

Burgundy is one of my favorite Autumn colors so I of course jumped on the opportunity to break out my favorite burgundy sweater.

Apologies for the background – I was busy so I took pictures at work.

Cabled V-Neck Sweater: American Eagle Outfitters (see similar here and here)
High-waisted Houndstooth Shorts: Rampage (see similar here and here)
Flats: Michelle D (see similar here)
Watch: Michael Kors (see similar here)
Lipstick: Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hour Lipstick in Lasting Chestnut
Nail Polish: Wet ‘n’ Wild Megalast in Blackmail (I just realized this is no longer available…sad face)
Ring: Vintage

Back to School

Back to School
As Autumn quickly approaches, so does the back to school season. I, too, will be going back to school in a few weeks (only eight more months of grad school! woohoo!) which means time to prepare some quick go-to outfits. Much as I love skirts and textured/patterned tights, there are definitely those days when I need to be able to just grab a pair of jeans and go.
Enter my Autumn go-to outfit: skinny jeans, plain black flats, and either a neutral colored tank layered with a brightly colored cardigan (in the best Autumn colors, of course – orange or burgundy) or a knit sweater.
Quick, simple, cute, & Autumn-weather friendly. Add in some jewelry and a lovely nail polish color and I’m set to go.
Oh, and let’s not forget my two current favorite nail polishes to make the transition from summer to autumn – Wet’n’Wild’s Megalast in “Club Havana” and “On a Trip”
“Club Havana” is on my nails right now and it feels perfectly end of summer/start of Autumn to me :]
One more hour till I get to go enjoy this warm yet breezy transitioning season outside at Farmer’s Market with J :]
Happy Thursday!

Summertime Style: Grace Kelly

Summertime Style: Grace Kelly
To Catch a Thief is one of my favorite movies for a plethora of reasons (if you haven’t watched it, go watch it now). One, the scenery, two, Cary Grant, three, Grace Kelly, and four, all her outfits. I saw the car picture above a few days ago and was super inspired to recreate my own similar summertime outfit.
A-line skirts, light sleeveless tops, silk scarves, and not to mention stunning halter top one piece swimsuits, cat’s eye sunglasses, and not the most beach appropriate but still cute heels.
The remaining part of this week is definitely going to involve outfits consisting of some combination of those items.
Who is your style inspiration this summer?


A few weeks ago ModCloth was offering a Stylish Surprise for $15 – all you have to do is specify your size and then they will send you some item (valued $27.99 and up), maybe a dress, a top, a skirt, or who knows. I was super excited to take advantage of this deal so I promptly ordered one for myself. About a week later this wonderful dress from YA LosAngeles appeared on my doorstep. It was perfect timing as I had a wedding to go to a few days later.

The dress had this wonderful post-WWII feel to me so I knew the perfect shoes would be these cream colored ankle strap heels that I’ve never had a chance to wear. Ankle strap heels = 1940s fashion in my opinion. The heels have a lovely subtle navy blue stripe around the edge so I grabbed my navy blue Dooney & Bourke purse to match. I kept it simple jewelry-wise, with just an amethyst ring, rose gold watch (my daily standard), and some amethyst earrings.

Dress: ModCloth
Shoes: American Eagle (via Payless, bought years ago – not associated with American Eagle Clothing)
Watch: Michael Kors (see similar here)
Jewelry: Vintage
Purse: Dooney & Bourke (see similar here)

 ModCloth is currently hosting a contest for those who ordered their Stylish Surprise to show how they’ve styled the item, so if you like my choice – please vote for me here!

Thank you!



Outtake Photo…where I look like I don’t have a hand >< lol

And for your daily does of cute, a picture of my kitten in her tent.