About Me!


Hi there & nice to meet you!

I’m Claire, author of klerebearsweets. I’m an alum of UC Berkeley (GO BEARS!), currently working on my master’s degree in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I started klerebearsweets as a creative outlet to share my favorite recipes, talk about food and fashion, and whatever else is on my mind. Which often means sharing pictures of my pets. Don’t lie, you know you love pictures of cute animals, too!

I am constantly being food-inspired by Ina Garten, Paula Deen, Tyler Florence, and Martha Stewart. I am both a tea and iced coffee addict (okay fine, I’m a caffeine addict, happy?). I believe that tea time (with tea time treats!) is an essential part of the day, and one of my favorite things to do is have tea time with my mom and sisters while watching Downton Abbey on a foggy afternoon. I love books (especially Jane Austen, fantasy, and scifi) and will often talk about fictional characters as though they are real (don’t judge!). I find baking to be my favorite method of de-stressing, so when I’m feeling especially stressed, I will often bake a batch of cookies or blondies at 2am. Just because. But aside from that, I also love to tackle “tough” recipes and give them my own spin or try to recreate delicious dishes/desserts I’ve had while out and about. I like to use my family and friends as guinea pigs for the recipes I end up sharing here. They don’t really complain.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

klerebearsweets is a taste blog.  My taste on style, food, & the world in general. 

Interested in collaborating? Or have a question? Send me an email! Contact: klerebearsweets@gmail.com

FTC Disclosure: I do use some affiliate links occasionally, on which I make a very small commission. All products are purchased by me unless specified.
I will never recommend an item that I would not have purchased myself (in fact, for the most part, I will only link to items which I have purchased and think are awesome).


3 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Great blog, and I laughed when you said you love having tea time while watching Downtown Abbey with your mom and sisters, because I do that with my mom and sister often! Always a lovely time.

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