San Francisco Fog

Because my brain needs a short study break… :]

Milky tea. Mmm. (Source: Journey Kitchen)

I love tea. I am a self-proclaimed tea addict (my tea addiction might actually be greater than my peanut butter addiction. Crazy, I know.). I love tea plain, or with sugar, or with sugar and milk, or with honey, etc. I love all forms of tea. Recently my boyfriend discovered the London Fog at Starbucks – an earl grey tea latte with vanilla and steamed milk. He can’t drink milk so he subs soy milk instead. The combination is a wonderful sweet afternoon treat. It’s pretty much become my standard daily beverage. While in San Francisco I stopped into a cafe over in Hayes Valley that actually has a name for that exact combo – San Francisco Fog.

So I give you, my home version of a San Francisco Fog.

San Francisco Fog

1 Bag Earl Grey Tea (I’m quite partial to the Tazo Brand lately)
8 oz hot water
2 1/2 pumps (or 2-3 tablespoons) Torani Vanilla Syrup (or you can also purchase a bottle of Vanilla Syrup from Starbucks)
8 0z steamed Soy Milk (I recommend Silk’s Very Vanilla Soy Milk)

Boil your water, add the tea bag, and allow it to steep for exactly 2 minutes. While the tea is steeping, steam your soy milk, either with a milk steamer or you can always microwave it for 2 minutes (but you won’t have the foam). Remove the tea bag after the two minutes are up. Add the vanilla syrup. Add the soy. Stir and enjoy!

You may want to add more or less vanilla syurp, depending on how sweet you like your tea. Please also note, these measurements are an approximate. The key is a 50/50 ratio of tea to soy milk.

Now make yourself a San Francisco Fog and enjoy a little tea break! 🙂

Happy Monday!




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