December & Parties

December 1st is here. So naturally, this means a Christmas-related post. This Sunday, I’m hosting a Baking Party that’s essentially a cookie swap but with the actual baking taking place at my house. And by actual baking taking place, I mean I will be baking, they will be chatting & snacking & hopefully decorating sugar cookies, if I can get my cookie dough ready in time.

As of now, the menu is looking like this:

Sparkling Apple Sangria (via spoonforkbacon)

Lofthouse Sugar Cookies (via Brown Eyed Baker)

Red Velvet Black & White Cookies (via Joy the Baker)

Double Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (via Brooklyn Decker for Cooking Channel)

And for snacks, likely chips & dip. Maybe I’ll make something for dinner as well, since it’s evening-time. We shall see. Maybe some baked brie bites or crispy baked hot wings. Mmm…maybe planning while I’m hungry isn’t the best idea. Oh well.

Now to work on packaging the goodies! I am open to any suggestions. Cookies with frosting are always an issue for packaging.

Well, I’m too excited for tomorrow now! Time to prep sugar cookie dough, get supplies for snacks and packaging, and finish decorating the tree so we will be in full Christmas mode!

Happy 1st Day of December!



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