I absolutely love Thanksgiving, in fact, my favorite holidays are Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, & St. Patrick’s Day (I love corned beef…just wait until March), in that order. Okay, maybe not really in that order because Thanksgiving and Halloween are really more tied…and Halloween might pull ahead a slight bit. But anyway, I do love Thanksgiving. All the food, all the thankfulness, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!, & you know I guess I like seeing relatives and all that. Maybe. Kind of. Sort of.

Anyway…Thanksgiving food! This year’s planning has been put to the very last minute, because, one, finals week is spilling into Thanksgiving week, and two, work prep for Black Friday/Christmas season is in full effect. So to keep up with everything, I’ve probably consumed about 10x the normal amount of caffeine I consume. Oh well. DRINK COFFEE AND CARRY ON.

So yea, if you’re last minute prepping like me, here’s a handy dandy list of links and food ideas that will hopefully all be incorporated into Thanksgiving 2012. Oh and for decor ideas, see my Pinterest board, Thanksgiving.

The Menu

Pumpkin Bread – Libby’s/my great-grandmother (don’t forget to serve it warm with cream cheese!)

Truffled Popcorn – Ina Garten (what? I’m buying truffle butter for the turkey anyway, why not put it to good use for an appetizer as well!)

Clam Dip + pita chips – my mother will be making this because her recipe is TOP SECRET.

Artichoke & Jalapeño Dip (because J is obsessed) – from Costco. It’s awesome and worth not having to search out good jalapeños and artichoke hearts. Directions: Go to Costco, find the large tub of Artichoke-Jalapeño Dip, go home, place in a microwave safe dish or oven-safe dish, microwave or bake until bubbly and cheesy and delicious. Dip everything into it. Enjoy!

Green Bean Casserole (of course you have to have the classic) but no soy sauce, putting all the french fried onions on top for the whole baking process, and instead of 3/4 cup milk, I will be doing 3/4 cup dry cooking sherry. The results are amazing. TRY IT.  – Campbell’s Kitchen

Garlic Mashed Potatoes (but with cream cheese instead of sour cream, and red potatoes with the skin on) – Paula Deen

Roast Turkey with Truffle Butter – Ina Garten

My Mom’s Gravy – which is also apparently a secret, BUT one I might get to learn this year. I said might. So no guarantees this recipe  will make an appearance post-Thanksgiving. All I know is it involves heavy cream, turkey drippings, and good scotch.

Stuffing – Pepperidge Farms Stuffing Mix, sausage, celery, & onions. Don’t judge, it’s delicious. (Be on the lookout for my mom’s sticky rice stuffing at Christmastime – that will hopefully redeem me for my use of pre-made stuffing mix).

Cranberry Sauce (this is about as close to my mom’s recipe as I can get; though no sugar/salt/pepper at the end, and a quick splash of grand marnier about halfway through cooking) – Food Network Kitchens

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts – Same as always. A bunch of cut up brussel sprouts, a giant dousing of extra virgin olive oil, and a ton of garlic salt & freshly ground black pepper. Bake at 375 degrees F for 30 – 40 minutes or until all the brussel sprouts are nicely roasted with a lovely brown on the outer layers. This is seriously my new favorite way to eat brussel sprouts (and really all veggies lately) – oven roasted. They taste like salt and pepper chips. See picture below.

Caramel Pecan Tart – I actually plan to make a hybrid recipe out of this one from Martha Stewart and this one from Not Without Salt (and yes, of course I will add a chocolate ganache topping. Because, really, why not?)

Pumpkin Cheesecake – Krusteaz Pumpkin Bar Mix (this is all my mom, she saw the box, saw the recipe on the box, and decided that was it, this needed to be apart of Thanksgiving)

So, I think that’s it…unless last minute I decide to make some Cheddar-Mustard-Beer Pull-Apart Bread or something else like that. Which could totally happen. I also thought about throwing in a habanero mac & cheese, but there’s only 5 of us eating, and I don’t think I’ll have time to go find the awesome habanero jack that I used last time, so I guess it will have to wait for another day.

Any other suggestions though? Anything I’m missing?

Hope you are all having a fun time planning for Thanksgiving & not scrounging about searching for time to go buy a turkey, like I am. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to find one tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Planning!



PS: Delicious example of oven-roasted brussel sprouts. They’re crispy and salty on the outside, slightly soft and sweet on the inside. Mmm…

One thought on “THANKSGIVING 2012!

  1. So jealous that I won’t be home. Remember though, too much coffee isn’t good for the body 😉 MISS YOU ALL, you little piglets ❤

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