A Few Things

I’m feeling sickly today, and have been for the last 48 hours. So in light of this, I decided the most appropriate post would not be about food (as it is probably advisable I not prepare food for others lol), but rather Halloween inspiration & other Autumn-y things that make me happy.

Top Row (from l to r): Halloween Porch (Peekaboo Photos via Pinterest); my Halloween Peeps decoration (instructions below!); Autumn Leaves (Pinterest); baby pumpkins on candlesticks (BHG via Pinterest) Crock Pot Hot Spiced Cider (Sugar Pie Farmhouse via Pinterest)

Bottom Row: Sugar Pumpkins wrapped in Ribbon (Pinterest); Vintage Halloween Ad for Baby Ruth & Butterfinger (Tres Sugar via Pinterest); Baby Vampire Pumpkins (Martha Stewart Pinterest); Foreboding Flowers (Martha Stewart Pinterest); Kittens & Pumpkins (Pinterest); Halloween whimsical nails feat. Wet’n’Wild MegaLast Nail Polish Club Havana and On a Trip; Autumn in Paris (Pinterest)

Halloween Peeps Vase

You will need:

A Glass Vase
2 Boxes of Ghost Peeps (or Pumpkins)
3 bags Candy Corn (the 99 cent bags you can find at Rite Aid)
1 bag Mellocreme Pumpkins
Paper Towels
Either fake flowers, or in my case, pumpkin bookmarks, to place at the top (I found the bookmarks at Party America for 99cents)

Start by layering about 3/4 cup candy corn as the bottom layer (you may need more or less depending on the shape of your vase). Take two paper towels (or paper) and scrunch it into a ball. Place on top of the candy corn. Slide the Ghost Peeps or Pumpkin Peeps around the paper towel ball; using the ball to keep the Peeps in place. Place one or two Mellocreme Pumpkins in between each of the Ghost Peeps arms (you’ll sort of balance them in between). Add another layer of candy corn, about 1/2 cup. Make a smaller paper towel ball to place on top of this layer of candy corn. Position the rest of your Ghost or Pumpkin Peeps. Top off with about 1 – 1/2 cups of candy corn. Poke your fake flowers or pumpkin book marks in top & enjoy your cute Halloween decor!

Note: Be sure not to let the Peeps or Candy Corn get wet, otherwise you may end up growing mold. This should last you the entire month of October with no problems – my vase is currently going on three weeks and is still perfectly fine. The only challenge I have is keeping kids from picking at the candy corn!

Hope you’re all enjoying this Halloween season!



PS: I can’t embed video but if you like Hocus Pocus, click here for a laugh 🙂



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