Desert Roadtrip – Makeup Essentials

Desert Roadtrip - Makeup Essentials
I will be embarking on a roadtrip to Arizona this weekend which means many hours in the car + desert weather. So of course this means lots of hydrating products for my skin and lips. Boscia is my new favorite oil free hydrating lotion because it feels so light and kind of smells like nature, plus it has an SPF. For a little extra SPF protection and some color, my next layer is the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam – again, super light, has an SPF, and adds some nice color. It’s been a wonderful foundation this summer since it’s so light. The rest of the items are just some of my daily items, like the eyebrow pencils, liquid eyeliner pen (the best ever!), and the eyeshadow palette. The Burt’s Bees lip balm and C.O. Bigelow lip cream are for hydrating in the car, or as an alternative the 14 hour lipstick from Maybelline in Lasting Chestnut. Hydrates and I get to add color. Lasting Chestnut is a lovely dark nude color that is not too in your face but not too terribly subtle. And finally, as I previously posted, one of my favorite summer nail polish combinations is Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos and nail of Wet’n’wild’s Kaleidoscope.
I think I’m almost mentally ready to tackle this 13 hour drive.
Any suggestions for roadtrip music or places to stop for food?

One thought on “Desert Roadtrip – Makeup Essentials

  1. I’m definitely happy to see some Burt’s Bees there – I am so obsessed with this company. Another great moisturising product is Lucas Papaw Ointment, which you can get in a big tub or in tubes. Papaw Ointment is this really big thing in Australia (I have some relatives that live there), and you can use it as a mask at night, lip balm during the day (it literally lasts all day), and on cracked skin, like feet and elbows. Best thing is that it doesn’t make your skin break out. Have fun! x

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