Frivolous Reasons to Smile

Gorgeous dahlia blooming in my mother’s garden

Red Wine & Coke on a warm summer evening
Called a Kalimotxo! 1/3 Coca Cola to 2/3 red wine – preferably cheap or leftover, and a lot of ice. Stir and enjoy with a straw! Drinks taste better with straws in my opinion :]

A bed filled with cats to keep me company while I study

Homemade Yangnyeom Chicken (recipe coming soon!)

Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration with SPF 15
My recently discovered new favorite daily moisturizer. J insisted that I need to buy a daily face lotion but I was being obstinate and wouldn’t buy one, so he went into Sephora and bought this for me the other day. It’s extremely lightweight and the perfect base for my face before starting in on my daily makeup routine. ($36 at Sephora)

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