A few weeks ago ModCloth was offering a Stylish Surprise for $15 – all you have to do is specify your size and then they will send you some item (valued $27.99 and up), maybe a dress, a top, a skirt, or who knows. I was super excited to take advantage of this deal so I promptly ordered one for myself. About a week later this wonderful dress from YA LosAngeles appeared on my doorstep. It was perfect timing as I had a wedding to go to a few days later.

The dress had this wonderful post-WWII feel to me so I knew the perfect shoes would be these cream colored ankle strap heels that I’ve never had a chance to wear. Ankle strap heels = 1940s fashion in my opinion. The heels have a lovely subtle navy blue stripe around the edge so I grabbed my navy blue Dooney & Bourke purse to match. I kept it simple jewelry-wise, with just an amethyst ring, rose gold watch (my daily standard), and some amethyst earrings.

Dress: ModCloth
Shoes: American Eagle (via Payless, bought years ago – not associated with American Eagle Clothing)
Watch: Michael Kors (see similar here)
Jewelry: Vintage
Purse: Dooney & Bourke (see similar here)

 ModCloth is currently hosting a contest for those who ordered their Stylish Surprise to show how they’ve styled the item, so if you like my choice – please vote for me here!

Thank you!



Outtake Photo…where I look like I don’t have a hand >< lol

And for your daily does of cute, a picture of my kitten in her tent.


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