Just a quick hello

The last few weeks of school have been beyond busy. But mostly that’s my fault because I make myself more busy than necessary. This morning I took a few moments out of my day to read this article from the NY Times about being busy. It was time well spent. I absolutely agree that humans, especially those in first world countries, have an addiction to being busy and preoccupied. For some, it’s just a way of life, and for others, I think it’s likely a coping mechanism. But whatever the reason, the fact is, we like to be busy. But in order to be happy, functioning people, we need some downtime. [Beeteedubs, first person to admit that I have an addiction to being busy.]

The article was pretty interesting and I think it was definitely worth the read. Check it out!

Will be returning with posts soon.

Happy late 4th of July & Happy Weekend!



[TL;DR – We don’t have to be busy for the sake of being busy. A fact that I should probably read a few times over. & also I’ll be back with posts soon.]


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