white & floral

I woke up today feeling less than enthusiastic about getting up and starting my day. My head is stuffy, my throat is a bit sore, and my nose hurts. Needless to say, allergies are kicking my butt. But, work and homework were needing to be attended to, so I got up and started my day. To help put me in a better mood, I decided to wear something that would make me feel girly and pretty, yet would still be uber-casual to reflect my low-energy mood.

My favorite white chambray button down shirt tied over a floral dress.

To re-emphasize my casual yet girly look, I’ve added my Michael Kors rose gold watch, a vintage ring, black Havaianas, and simple makeup (eyebrows, because those are a daily must, and a simple medium thickness line of black eyeliner).

Shirt: Vintage (see similar here)
Dress: H&M (see similar here and here)
Sandals: Havaianas (see here)
Watch: Michael Kors (see similar here)
Amethyst Ring: Vintage 

Casual. Pretty. But most importantly, low-energy.

Happy Monday!


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