New Name & Updated Look

So it has come to my attention that there is another blog of the same name on blogger. This blog was started far after mine but that’s not the point. The point is that blog is completely unrelated to this one, so as such, I have decided to change the name & move the blog to a new address to avoid confusion.


Clairebear has been a nickname of mine for as long as I can remember, and some time ago a friend of mine decided to start spelling my name “Klere” just because. Well that spelling stuck with me and I’ve since used klerebear as a username online for years. I started playing around with the idea of using this name for the blog a while back but it just didn’t seem right. Then after the discovery of the blog with the same name I started giving klerebear another try and somehow klerebearsweets just fit.

I’m hoping for a bakery to be in my not so distant future & klerebearsweets might be a potential business name depending on the response here. WordPress is now officially my testing grounds for dessert recipes & other business ideas :] Thoughts & opinions on the name?

Also, since the name was changing I figured it was about time for an update on the theme. I’m a huge fan of this layout right now and I haven’t quite tired of it, so I ended up just changing the colors. BUT be on the lookout for a new header coming soon!

Well, now to research trademarking my name so I don’t run into this issue again. Fellow bloggers – any advice on this matter?

Happy (almost) Start of the Weekend!




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