Father’s Day Brunch

Father’s Day is this Sunday so I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to make it a nice, fun, and relaxing day for the entire family. Right now I’m trying to narrow it down to a big brunch at home on the patio (the weather has been perfect for this lately!) or seeing if my sisters & mom want to take my dad to his favorite BBQ place. He has been mad obsessed with the baby back ribs at Chez Soul for the last like 6 months. No denying everything there is delicious, but the rest of my family agrees, he’s a bit obsessed.

If it’s brunch at home, I’m thinking fresh fruit, fried eggs, steak, the oven-baked spicy cheese fries I made for Mother’s Day (seen here – that was a huge hit with everyone) or the cheddar-mustard-beer pull-apart bread (seen here – my dad has been requesting this for the last few weeks but I haven’t had any extra time to make it), or who knows, maybe I’ll make both!

My dad isn’t a huge cake person but he does like coffee cake, so I’m thinking to also make a version of the chocolate chip coffee cake I had in Santa Cruz at Zachary’s. A basic cinnamon coffee cake but with a middle layer of ooey-gooey melty chocolate, plus chocolate chips on top, and pecans. Served hot so the chocolate is still deliciously melty. OR lemon bars, because my dad loves citrus desserts. Decisions decisions!

Brunch at home or brunch out, I still plan to make the coffee cake. All this talk about it has me wanting to eat it now! Recipe to follow after this weekend.

Have a good Father’s Day everyone!




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