The Fun To-Do List

Every week, well actually every day, I have a to-do list. I also keep a running monthly/weekly to-do list in my phone. And on that note, have you tried Any.Do? Definitely recommend the free app for Android phones! It’s a great organizer, complete with reminder alarms. My reminder notes on my hand have significantly decreased since I started using this app. Though I still make the occasional note on my hand. Force of habit.

Anyway, I digress. The point is, I am the queen of lists. So I thought I’d highlight some of the fun items in my summer to-do list right now.

1. Make Coffee Ice Cubes, mixed with a bit of condensed milk, for Iced Coffee Ice Cubes. My pet peeve of drinking iced coffee is when it gets watered down by melting ice cubes. Solution: Iced Coffee Ice Cubes! [I’m hoping to pick up an ice cube tray this week to make this happen ASAP!]

Picture Courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere
Picked up this great idea whilst perusing one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere.

2. Make a terrarium. Complete with miniature Doctor Who creatures and dinosaurs.

Picture Courtesy of Pinterest – original post unknown. 

3. Learn to sew skinny ties for J. (I recently came upon a plethora of ties in perfectly fine condition that my father did not want and I decided that I would turn them into skinny ties for J. Overambitious seeing as how I don’t know how to sew? Perhaps. But I think it’s a reasonable goal. Pinterest might be giving me overconfidence in my creative abilities. Haha.) See the DIY here at A Beautiful Mess.

4. Frame and hang the awesome Star Wars art J got for me (Yoda & Darth Vader), and the awesome Dalek propaganda poster my coworker brought back from Wales for me. Picture will follow once that is complete.

5. Finish reading A Game of Thrones so I can move on to the rest of the series. Note: Currently on sale at for $6.74!

6. Make cake pops. It’s becoming too hot to use the oven again, so I’m thinking cake pops, baked late at night and constructed in the morning.

7. And on that same note, make some frozen concoctions. Ice cream & popsicles – I’m thinking cappuccino popsicles in the near future.

Picture Courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere

8. Last but not least, an item that only barely falls into the fun category – Reorganize my wardrobe to donate & possibly dig up some fun pieces I haven’t seen in a while. Like today’s outfit, a Lucy Love halter summer dress in aqua. I haven’t seen it in ages, but magically came across it this morning. It’s the absolute perfect thing to wear for today’s heat wave.

See similar here [ModCloth] and here [ASOS].
Also featuring Forever 21 Bangles. See similar here.

What are some of your fun to-do list items for this summer?

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