Nail Lacquer Strips

I finally got around to using the Nail Lacquer Strips from Sephora by OPI! They were harder to use than I anticipated, but that’s probably because I tried to be cheap about it and split one nail strip into two. Sidenote: It totally worked ^^











They were quite lovely to wear all weekend and I didn’t have to worry too much about chipping. However, I’m a very active person and I also take really hot baths/showers, so the edges began to chip/peel after a day or so, despite the “no chip” claim on the package. But even though there was some peeling, the nails overall are still in fairly okay condition – I trimmed my nails where the bits were peeling, which has made it significantly less noticeable.

I enjoyed having the elaborate pattern, but I don’t know if I would opt to get these again, save for a special occasion (or if they’re given to me ^^ hehe).

Have you tried nail lacquer strips? What are your opinions?


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