20 Hours & Counting

So I’m in a less than 24 hour window until J arrives for our beach getaway & my to do list is still gigantic. Laundry, pack, make my nails pretty, finish my papers, figure out dinner tonight & tomorrow, clean the house, work stuff today & tomorrow, attend class tonight, make beer-mustard-cheese pull-apart bread (as per J’s request), go grocery shopping to get butter & beer to make said-bread, etc…

And yet my highest priority this evening will be to do my nails. Haha. I probably need to re-prioritize…but in my defense, if you’ve seen my nails recently, you know they need help! Plus I have these nail lacquer strips from Sephora by OPI that I really want to try out! We’ll see how they stand up to ocean water lol.

See, how can I resist using these tonight! Hopefully they will keep my nails cute all weekend. Thanks Tina for the belated birthday gift! As you can see, I’m super excited to use them!

Ok well I am off to make a dent in my to-do list by knocking out my work stuff & papers. My plan is to only resort to drinking an Izze when I need something to wake me up today, the carbonation seems to do the trick. But seriously, where’s an iced coffee when I need one!

Enjoy the weekend!




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