New Favorite Product

I love random surprise presents :]

J recently (randomly & secretly) ordered me a glass water bottle from Takeya. One of the reasons I haven’t used water bottles previously is because I hate drinking out of metal canteens or plastic ones, they just make the water taste funny (yes I know this makes me sound nutty, but it’s true). But with the glass water bottle, it’s just like drinking out of a regular glass. Even better, it has a silicon jacket to prevent it from breaking. And it’s dishwasher safe! It’s my favorite new product. It’s portable and I can easily take it to work, ensuring that I’m drinking at least 22 oz of water per day. I think that’s probably the real reason J bought it for me, to make sure I’m drinking water. lol.

Find the 16oz version here

It also comes in a variety of colors! So if you’re like me and looking for a good (BPA free) alternative to drinking out of metal canteens, check out the Takeya glass water bottle.

Thanks for the random gift boo ❤


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