The List

The ListI haven’t done a List in a while  so I thought it was time for one. The above are some things I’m loving right now.

I know I mentioned this already but my absolute favorite piece of clothing right now is my white button down shirt. I love layering it over different colored Forever 21 Bodycon tanks. Absolute favorite summer go-to outfit right now. Add in shorts, or jeans rolled to the calf, some Havaianas, Ray-Ban “Wayfarers”, and a side braid and I’m ready to go.

I’m not one to go get my nails done, so I like cute but easy DIY nails. My favorite nail polish to work with lately is Wet n’ Wild’s “Kaleidoscope” – the glitter has several different sizes and catches light perfectly. The best bonus – this nail polish is like $1 at Rite-Aid/CVS/etc. This nail polish has been a nearly constant presence on my ring fingers lately. The rest of my nails change color all the time, but are typically some kind of matte which I think pairs nicely with the sparkle of “Kaleidoscope”. Simple color combo that looks cute and requires very little nail painting talent. My kind of DIY manicure.

I’m also loving bright colored lipstick these days. Revlon, to me, has some of the best lipsticks. The Colorburst stick in “Raspberry” (which I think I mentioned a few posts back) is still one of my favorite colors when I’m wanting a bright color. My sister recently introduced me to a new bright red – I was feeling adventurous lol – Revlon’s ColorStay in “Tomato”. It’s a perfect red that isn’t too orange or too pink in its undertones. Makeup ala Mad Men has been my inspiration lately. Bright lips, sleek black eye liner, and lots of mascara.

Alright, I’ve put off studying long enough. Back to homework and then on to Game of Thrones!



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