Warm Weather Weekend Getaway Essentials (aka more Polyvore)

Warm Weather Weekend Getaway Essentials
Yes, it’s the return of Polyvore posts.
This weekend I’m heading to Scottsdale for a mini-vacay/delayed spring break with J. The weather is forecasted to be in the 90s the whole time, so I’m looking forward to working on my tan…while also working on homework unfortunately. Fingers crossed I finish everything tonight and tomorrow morning while at the airport.
Anyway, minus makeup, this pretty much sums up what I will be packing. My weekend essentials. It’s warm weather so shorts, havaianas, and bikini are absolutely necessary. My favorite bikini mix&match color combo is black & yellow. It will probably change by the end of summer, but for this weekend, this is the winner. I never go anywhere without my watch, and bangles are just for good measure. I always like to bring a pair of jeans in case of going somewhere shorts would not be appropriate (ie out to dinner, bar-hopping…more on that in a moment). For tops, I’ve really been liking the white button down top, either unbuttoned with a bright colored cami underneath, with a bikini top underneath, or just on its own, so this is coming with. The rest are just tank tops that will keep me cool and that I can easily toss on over my bikini…plus I love any occasion to wear my tank with a cat face :] Special case is the yellow top which I think can also double for going out for a casual night (and thus, the need for the flats. I know J will probably want to go bar hopping at some point, which means I will need to wear something other than shorts, flip flops, and a tank top…enter the jeans, yellow top, and flats. I’m always prepared).
My Coach tote is my favorite bag because it’s leather, can withstand airport security, and is large enough to hold everything else I plan to bring with me (laptop, books, etc…& maybe another pair of shoes). Weekend Makeup Essential post to follow soon. But in the meantime…
What are some of your weekend getaway essentials?

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