Still on a Polyvore Kick

Out & About

Not much to say except another outfit I would love to have – the D&G blouse isn’t usually my style but I don’t know, there’s something about it that makes me want to wear it. The Balenciaga bag is one I’ve been wanting for a while, except I want one in every color. Another pair of Louboutins I want, Helmut. They’re classy and elegant and just plain lovely. I want. The Victoria Beckham items seem to be harder to come by these days, but I’ve developed an interest in her sunglasses collection. Cat eye is always my choice. And of course, cannot forget one of my favorite accessories, nail polish. OPI “No Room For The Blues”.

I promise to return to recipes and baked goods shortly. Besides, I imagine my polyvore interest will wear out soon enough.

TGIF! Post-work this evening will be filled with movies (suggestions? though first I will be watching Community since I missed its return last night), food, the start of green baked goods!, and eventually cleaning my wardrobe. Happy Start of the Weekend!





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