Birthday Wish Outfit #2

Birthday Wish Outfit #2
I was looking for the specific rose gold Michael Kors watch I have, but this was as close as I could find. Mine is much more feminine and pretty I would have to say.
The makeup in the corner is just a few of my typical choices. I recently picked up the Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Raspberry and have been loving it – not quite hot pink, not quite red. It’s fabulous.
Anyway, the wish items in this collection…
The G-Star 3301 skinny jeans – saw them at the mall a few months back and boyfriend almost bought them for me. But I talked him out of it for quite a few reasons…none of which I can remember anymore. I suppose I really need to go through my current wardrobe and donate/toss a few items before I should add more…especially in the jeans department. On my To-Do list.
Next up on my Want List:
The Sleeveless Lace Inset Blouse from Topshop. It’s cream and it’s a blouse. Enough said. Plus it has lace and a bow. I’ve really been enjoying overly feminine tops as of late.
Onto the main WANT of this collection…the shoes!
Christian Louboutin Patent Leather 120mm Pigalle in fluorescent hot pink.
The color I really want these in is a bright teal, but I was unable to find them…*tear*…they might not be available anymore. I find the Pigalle to be a wonderful all occasion shoe and would love to have a pair in nude, black, hot pink, bright yellow, bright teal, etc… essentially any color available.
Fingers crossed for these shoes to still be available at the end of next summer. I just made the decision (yes literally as I was typing this) that I shall buy myself a pair of Pigalle as a graduation gift next August when I finish grad school.
Alright, must return to work and be productive (read: get off polyvore/wordpress/pinterest).
Happy Thursday!

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