Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2012 is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. I realize I’m quite a few days late on the Happy New Year, but for me, New Year celebrations last until Chinese New Year (this year it’s Jan 23, for those of you interested). And in reality, I really consider the new year when the school year starts. My years start in Aug/Sep and go til June, then July is this unusual portion that’s separated from the rest of time. I’m odd, I know.

Anyway, the New Year…

After almost two months of indulging in candy, treats, and rich, fatty foods, it’s time to start eating healthier. Of course, with the exception of dim sum ^^

I stopped in LA for snacks on my drive back up to the Bay from SD :]
Won Kok is the BEST for quick to-go dim sum.


Healthier eating. It will happen. Well…maybe it won’t. But these things hopefully will!

More spinach, more fish, and more water.
More love&giving, more knowledge, and more exploring.

These are the things I hope for more of this year.

What are some things you hope to do this year?




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