Holiday Treat Boxes

My mother and I were perusing Michael’s yesterday since I needed to pick up some cellophane bags for some treats I’m planning to give out. While there, I came across a wonderful set from Martha Stewart that provides you with all you need to make a very cute treat box! I used this set to package some goodies for my friend as a finals-survival-box/Christmas-gift/sorry-I’m-missing-your-white-coat-ceremony-gift. I’m all about multi-purpose.

Compartments for easily separating your treats!
Clockwise from right corner: coconut macaroons (recipe coming soon), dark chocolate mint truffles, chocolate peanut butter bars (recipe coming soon), Hershey’s Mint Kisses

A see-through lid for a preview of the goodies inside!

Plus a ribbon and a to/from sticker to complete the box!

Next time I might opt to purchase some treat boxes, and just construct my own compartment dividers, stickers, and ribbon (I always have ribbon anyway), but since I was short on time, this was a wonderful kit. And once filled with tasty treats, it makes such a cute gift! There are other designs (many Christmas themed ones), but I liked this one since I can use it year-round (I still have a few boxes left, though I’ll probably use them up in the next few days as I give out treat boxes to people). Very convenient, and not too pricey for all it includes. $14.99 for 6 boxes, 24 compartment dividers, 24 sheets of dotted paper, 6 ribbons, and 6 to/from stickers.

Time to start gifting desserts & candies!

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