The List

1. Mogget.
My recently adopted kitty that was found in my yard. [see picture below]

Leaves on the ground!

3. Vietnamese Iced Coffee
 My new favorite afternoon pick-me-up :]

I brew one cup strong coffee [I use Starbucks Kenya] for myself since I don’t have a Vietnamese coffee press. [Next on my list of frivolous things to buy!]
Place 1 – 2 tbsp [I like to use 2.5 because I like it sweet] of condensed milk (the sweet, sticky milk – not evaporated!) in a glass, pour the hot coffee over it and stir until it’s a nice creamy light brown color. Then pour this mixture into a tall glass filled with lots of ice, & stir until the mixture is cold.

4. Re-reading books

I recently started re-reading some of my favorite books. I forgot how much I like the Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix.

5. Wet & Wild Nail Polish in Morbid

Black with a jade undertone. Perfect for Halloween :]

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