Foray Into Korean Cooking, Part II

I wanted to attempt to make homemade ddukbokki, but I couldn’t find Korean chili paste at 99 Ranch and so resorted to using a…*gasp*…ready made sauce. It was a decent sauce but needed a lot more spice, so I ended up adding a TON of Sriracha. I also like my ddukbokki with a ton of ramen. This was the result.

Delicious, but I still wish I had made the sauce from scratch. Oh well, next time. I used this basic recipe to put everything together [not pictured, fish cakes], in combination with the directions on the sauce jar.


Since I didn’t make the ddukbokki from scratch, I plan to redeem myself with my homemade hoddeok.

I used this recipe from Maangchi, but I substituted about 15 chopped peanuts in lieu of walnuts since I’m allergic. The nuts could be eliminated entirely for those with nut allergies.

Hoddeok is my new favorite afternoon snack :] They are super easy to make if the dough has already been made.


J “subtly” reminded me the other day that he “REALLY LIKES KOREAN FOOD”…so it looks like my Korean cooking knowledge will need more expanding – one cannot live on hoddeok, kimbap, & ddukbokki alone…unless that person is me of course. Suggestions for dishes to try making?




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