The List

1. Wet & Wild “Teal of Fortune”, Wet & Wild “Break The Ice” [“Break The Ice” covered with OPI “Shattered”]

J [boyfriend] stared at my nails for a good five minutes. The teal color is captivating? lol. Not sure. But he’s a fan so I’m sure this color will be making more appearances over the next few weeks.

2. Rediscovering Nintendo & my love for Super Mario Bros, Star Wars, & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games

My sister [MP] & I were doing some Fall cleaning of our garage and came across this gem & all the games that go with. Highlight of my week? You know it :]

feat. funfetti nails :]
[Wet & Wild “Break The Ice”, top coat of Wet & Wild “Party of Five Glitters”]

3. Cream of Wheat [Farina] with a pat of butter & a spoon of brown sugar

best Autumn breakfast :]

4. The First Signs of Autumn

My gigantic pumpkin is turning orange! This means it’s time to drink a pumpkin spice latte & start shopping for Halloween paraphernalia :]

Autumn, my favorite time of year

5. Goapele – First Love

Goapele – First Love

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