Unfortunate Events & The List

At this moment in time my oven is out of order :[ Oh the sadness. My list of things to bake is extremely long right now, and I’m craving a good batch of cookies! Annoyance. Must wait until the oven can get serviced before I will be able to bake again. Sigh.

So, until my oven is repaired, I am filling my time with making foods that do not require the oven. Candy anyone? Chocolate Covered Coffee Toffee recipe to be posted after this.

Moving on, since I can’t do much about baking today, I will do The List. The List is not limited to any particular group of items, but rather, anything I find interesting, novel, or fun, or that I just like for no particular reason :]

The List
1. MunchOnMe

MunchOnMe is a lot like Groupon but limited to food items. I like them because  it picks popular items at the participating restaurant/cafes so I don’t have to guess on what item might be good…and plus sometimes there are free items. And I LOVE free things. :]

2. Fun Combinations of Nail Polish

I love how fun these two polishes look together & the way the glitter catches the sun.
I like to throw the Shattered [black] in on one finger just to mix it up a bit.

Nail Polishes: OPI Go On Green, OPI Teenage Dream, OPI Shattered

3. The Importance of Smiling

Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling | Video on TED.com


You currently have to sign up for an invite to this, but if you can get the invite, ohmygoodness…AMAZING. Stream any song for FREE! But, if you want to access the music without internet access, you’ll need to pay. But I love it, no more searching around youtube for that one song I’m really wanting to hear!

5. Molecular Jewelry

This is a caffeine molecule. It satisfies the girly nerd that I am.

Available through: Aroha Silhouettes

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